Work From Home Sample Information

Some ideas to consider and use when developing a Work From Home Policy - Provided by our HR Resource Center

Employees are permitted to work from home (WFH) occasionally or regularly, depending on a number of factors and the arrangements they've made with their manager. Working from home is a privilege that may be revoked at any time. The Company may request that an employee be present in the office at any time (regardless of scheduled WFH time) or deny a request to work from home based on business needs, employee performance, or viability of doing the work from home. To be eligible to WFH, an employee must have access to reliable internet and a space that is free from excessive noise or distraction.

Submitting Requests
Employees must enter their remote work request in [website/calendar/team communication tool] and notify appropriate team members. Requests for recurring or extended WFH arrangements will be considered after [3, 6, 12 months] of employment, or in the case of a public health emergency.

Employees wishing to request additional remote workdays in any given workweek are required to speak with their manager in advance for approval. If approved, the employee must enter the request in [website/calendar/team communication tool] and notify appropriate team members.

The Company will supply the employee with appropriate office supplies and reimburse the employee for all other reasonable business-related expenses. Employees must get pre-approval for expenses associated with working from home if they are more than $40 in total. Any equipment supplied by the Company is to be used for business purposes only, unless otherwise specified. Employees must take appropriate action to protect these items from damage or theft. 

The Company is not responsible for costs associated with initial setup of the employee's home office such as remodeling, furniture or lighting, or for repairs or modifications to the home office space. 

As with employees working in the office, those who WFH will be expected to ensure the protection of proprietary Company and customer information through use of locking doors, desks, file cabinets, and media storage, regular password maintenance, and any other steps appropriate for the job and the environment. Unless you live alone, computers should be locked when you walk away and other household members should be not allowed access to or use of Company property.

When working from home employees must:

  • Work their full, typical schedule
  • Attend all meetings in a virtual capacity
  • Achieve the same level of production as in the office
  • Maintain equivalent availability for colleague and client communication, supervisor questions, etc.
  • Be available online and by phone for the duration of their usual workday, minus breaks and rest periods
  • Respond promptly to communication via messaging app, email, and phone
  • Take all required break and rest periods, as if they were in the office
  • Communicate consistently regarding their workload and status (break, lunch, working on a project, etc.)
  • Follow all company procedures and policies 
  • Refrain from using alcohol or illegal drugs